Frequently Asked Questions of - YOUR PROGRAM

CUSTOMER SERVICE : 888-860-3317
Cruise Concierge Alliance: 1-888-860-3317 Ext. 8889

I forgot my login password?
Contact, they will assist you.

What is my Username?
Your email address.

How do I pay my renewal fee?
Click onto 'MY ACCOUNT', then click onto 'MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION', go to 'Subscription' tab, then click PAY or RENEW.

How do I access the sites?
Go to 'CONTACT AND HELP' menu and click onto 'HOW TO USE'.

Where do I put my ACCESS CODE?
Go to ''CONTACT AND HELP' then to TUTORIALS AND HELP' scroll down to 1Stop Shopping Instructions'

How to I book?
Directly on line, EXCEPT for the Cruise Concierge, where you will be booking with an agent to receive your exclusive member discount.

What are the Customer Service hours?
Hours are from 9:00am-4:00pm Central Time Monday to Friday, closed on all public holidays.

How do I deal with a booking cancellation?
All cancellations, terms and conditions policies are dealt with by the individual vendor, link, or feed that you had made the booking with. We recommend all members read thoroughly before booking.
***Your Program is not responsible for cancellations***

Is my travel booking insured?
We recommend that members insure their travel, each vendor, link and feed on the website, has the option.
***Your Program is not responsible for travel insurance***

For all other questions, contact, and they will happily assist you.